If you are ready to have a business that can generate you $500/mo. per client in monthly recurring income and while only working a few hours a month, please keep reading….
Here’s The Exciting News ....
Copy Our Exact SYSTEM On How We Eliminated HOURS of Work and THOUSANDS in Resources While INCREASING Our Profits With Our 1-2-3 Process!
We Want to GIve you the exact tools we use to have clients pay us from $300 to $10,000 a month!
Since 2012, we’ve been working with local businesses to help them grow their social media presence, and ultimately grow their bottom line profits with gaining new clients, and turning current clients into loyal ambassadors! 

But, before we go any further, and we don’t want to waste your time, let’s determine if this program is a right fit for you…

1 - Do you have a digital agency and you want to offer your clients a service they all need and want, but you don’t want to hire more people or do extra work?

2 - If you do NOT have a digital agency and never really thought of having one, are you ready when a great opportunity presents itself?

3 - Is collecting recurring income each and every month from clients exciting to you (and only spending a few hours a month to fulfill the work)?

If you answered YES to any of the questions above, then keep reading…
What we want to share with you is what we’ve learned from running our own agency since 2012 and working with over 160 different clients
We’ve delivered millions of dollars for our clients at the same time, we are collecting recurring revenue each and every month from them! 

And what we are going to share with you produces results - real results that your clients will be able to see, not only visually but financially as well. 

But, we had to learn this the hard way…
We were drowning
in steps! 
This was too much work!
It was so much WORK!!!!!! 
When we got a new client, this is the process that we did before…

Step 1 - We get a new client 

Step 2 - Client is assigned to a social media manager & graphic designer 

Step 3 - Social media manager brainstorms post/content ideas 

Step 4 - Social media manager passes content ideas to graphic designer 

Step 5 - Graphic designer designs posts and sends to social media manager for approval 

Step 6 - Social media manager sends back revisions for posts 

Step 7 - Graphic designer fixes errors and sends back for approval 

Step 8 - Social media manager approves posts 

Step 9 - Social media manager (or content writer) creates the copy for the post 

Step 10 - The posts are scheduled
That was a long, time consuming process. Imagine having to do this for every new client? This can also be very costly in regards to paying your team to get this done. This process can take several days per client.
We figured it out! 
But then we had a Light Bulb moment! 
Since we have many of the same types of clients (restaurants, chiropractors, dentists, martial arts, auto repair…) why are we not just re-using content that we’ve already created and we know produces results
So, what we did was simplify and shortcut the process.
We eliminated 7 steps!
The process went from several DAYS to only a few HOURS ! 
Now, we want to let you CLONE this exact process. 
 The best part about this is that you can start making money with this package today - no special skills required.
As we mentioned above, we’ve worked in a huge variety of different niches, but the one niche we LOVE are restaurants! 


When you post FOOD on social media, people go crazy! They call it “food porn” :-)

Post a picture of a cupcake, or some exotic sushi rolls and people will share with friends, comment and love your posts! 

Clients see all the action on their pages and they are overjoyed with the work you are doing and the amazing engagement that is happening right before their eyes! 
The Restaurant Niche is A Huge Market With A Lot Of Hungry Buyers.

There are many restaurant owners who desperately need help to promote their business, and the great thing is that most of them already know the importance of social media, you don’t have to convince them. They know...

But most restaurant owners don’t have time to handle their social media. Why?

1 - They don’t have the knowledge

2 - They don’t have the time
3 - They just don’t want to do it 

That's too bad for them.

But this is GREAT news for YOU, because it is an amazing opportunity to make a big money by helping these people.

There is a common problem in doing this business. 
As we explained above, it takes a lot of work, time, and money to create high quality content 

We are talking about:

 - > Time to brainstorm the ideas for the content 

 - >Time to create the content with back and forth revisions

 - >The money to hire a copywriter to write a compelling marketing message

And the list goes on and on...

It literally takes so much time and money. That's the bad part of doing this business, in our own experience.

Until we figured out the SOLUTION that SAVED us time and money. 
This SOLUTION also allowed us to EARN MORE money because we could now take on even more clients on a day to day basis since everything was now in a easy to implement system..
Now, Running our Social Media Agency is as easy as 1-2-3 

With this social media package, all you need to do is…

1. Get new clients

2. Load up the package

3. Get the profits

And that's exactly what you're going to do with this restaurant social media package on your hands!
It Saves you Time & Money!
Sounds good, right?

So now, let's talk about what you'll get inside the package.
We know there are many different TYPES of restaurants out there, and they have their own types of foods, so we wanted to have as many options as possible, and we created social media images for 11 types of restaurants

Check Out This List of 12 Of the Top Types Of Restaurants
 * Pizza Restaurants 
*  Mexican Restaurants 
*  Seafood Restaurants 
*  Italian Restaurants 
*  Mediterranean Restaurants 
*  Indian Restaurants 
*  Chinese Restaurants 
* Thai Restaurants 
*  Japanese Restaurants 
*  American Restaurants 
*  Bakeries

There are some reasons why we choose these 12 types of restaurants.

First, they're the types of restaurants that you can find easily in your local area. 
That means to offer your service; you can simply visit them and offer your service without spending money on Ads.

Aside from that, some of these restaurants are making a lot of money. 
They're the type of high-paying clients that should be your target market.

Now, let's talk more about the graphics you'll get on this package.

With this package you will get over 600+ Done For You graphics!

Each type of restaurant comes with up to 60 DONE for you images.

That means…

If you post 20 posts per month for your client, this package will last for three months!

Imagine, wouldn't it be AMAZING when you get a 3-month contract, and all you have to do is just upload all the done for you graphics. DONE!

You bet, it would.
Look at these amazing images! 
You Can Now Take On More Clients With Absolutely No Stress! 
It will be easy and highly profitable for you to work with DOZENS and DOZENS 
of clients at the same time. 

Just think of how much money you can make in just three months.
And that is working SMARTER not HARDER - work less and earn more.
So what do you say?
Ready To Make Monthly Recurring Income With Working Less And Earning More?
What we are giving you here is a Done-For-You Social Media Package.

This social media package includes over 600+ Done-for-you social media content for 12 different types of restaurants..

Here's are some of the content categories included with EACH restaurant type. 

Humor. Humor content is one of the most engaging types of content on social media. These get shared the most, and the more shares you can get the better! 
Engagement. This type of content is designed to get more comments or like. Your clients will love your work when they see the content you uploaded getting so many comments and like.
Menu Items. This type of content is designed to showcase the typical types of items that are on the menu for specific types of restaurants.
With this Social Media Package, all you need to do is:
Get new clients

Upload the done-for-you content to their social media (Facebook and Instagram)

Rinse and Repeat! 

Just rinse and repeat the easy process to generate a steady flow of income 
from the comfort of your home.

With this package, you don't need to:
X Spend weeks to create the graphics for social media content.
X Spend hours to brainstorm content ideas.
X Hire a copywriter to create the compelling marketing messages.
And many more!
Now, think of this:
By working this easily, you can handle dozens of clients at the same time!
Step By StEp Training Modules
With this package, we don't just leave you to figure out how to make this work.
We also provide you with the training that you will need to make your agency successful.

12 Done FOr You Landing Pages
Need Help To Get Clients?
If you struggle to find new clients and you just don't really want to go out there and talk face to face, then no problem.

We created these 12 Done For You Landing pages to make it easy for you!

We have 12 landing pages - each one customized for the specific niche. All you have to do is put up a Facebook Ad targeting the specific restaurants (we show you how to do this) and they optin for a free 7 day graphic pack.

BAM! You have a potential client. Next, we even provide you with the emails to send after they optin. We also have all the free 7 day set of graphics already incorporated into the Thank You Page.

So, basically it is all done for you! It can't get any easier than that....

20 Fun Food Quotes
These are fun food quotes that will show the followers of your clients that they have a "fun" side as well. These types of images get lots of shares and the more shares the better!
30 Social Media Images For Your FB Page
There always seems to be so much to keep up with! Now you need to maintain your own Facebook Agency page so when potential clients come and check you out, your page is active.

We SOLVED that problem for you! We've provided you with 30 Done For You images to post on your Facebook Agency page.

These images all focus on social media quotes that will show your expertise in the subject matter.

We also show you how to schedule them so it is "set it and forget it".

We've made it SOOO easy for you, it is not even funny!
30 Content Curated Articles For Your FB Page
Keeping your Facebook Agency page active is very important when approaching businesses. They are going to "check you out" to see if you know what you are talking about.

That is exactly why we curated these links to show that you are "on top of it" when it comes to social media.

You are sharing links from some of the top authority sights when it comes to new findings, tips and education.

We even show you how to schedule these links so it is "set it and forget it".

We did it again, we've made it SOOO easy for you, it is not even funny!
108 Holiday Posts for your Clients
Holiday Graphics

Holidays are the perfect time to engage the audiences of your clients.  Mother's Day, Valentines Day, etc. 

We have created all the images for you so you can just pop it on their page and be their hero!

You can schedule these images for the entire year! Just "set it and forget it".

Just download your images and upload them to the page - and whala!!!! 
108 Holiday COver Images for your Clients
Holiday Cover Images

Because Holidays are so important, we have created the matching Facebook cover photos for each holiday in all of these restaurant niches!

This is REALLY going the extra mile for your clients!

Just download the right cover image for the appropriate holiday and upload them to the page - and whala!!!! 
53 Special Day Images for your Clients
Special Holiday Images 

For each of the Restaurant niches, we have created posts for the important holidays for these niches! 

Holidays such as National Donut Day, National Margarita Day and more! Not only do we give you the Done for You Images, we also give you the schedule of each holiday so you can per-schedule for the entire year! Just "set it and forget it" !

We did it again, we've made it SOOO easy for you, we know you'll love it!!!
Special Course: Meetup Strategy
WANT MORE CLIENTS?  In this special course we walk you though how we get business owners in a room using our Meetup Strategy!

Meetup strategy: “How to get business owners in a room listening to your presentation (for FREE!)”
We give you:
> Our powerpoint we use
> The handouts we use
> The follow-ups 

Result: We landed clients and you will too!  Just follow our formula! 

Here's everything you are getting 
today with 
Restaurant SOcial Profits:

     Get Started Today!
Only $997
One Time Payment of
(you get everything stated above)
BEST OFFER --> One Time Payment of Only $317
then $77/mo (month 2 on)
** Each month you get 200 NEW graphics!
Additional Payment Payment Plan Options
Frequently Asked Questions 

Question: What if my client wants their logo on the images or wants a custom image of their daily  specials or something?
Answer: We show you through a free tool (canva.com) how you can quickly and easily add to the graphics or create new ones. This tool makes it super easy, you do not need to have any background in graphic design, it is very newbie friendly! All images also come in PNG format AND PSD for easy editing.

Question: What if the restaurant type that I need images for are not included in the 12 types of restaurants?
Answer:Just let us know what type and we will create a bucket for it!

Question: How is this program delivered?
Answer: This is an online portal that has all the files and training. You will get instant access after purchase. Just login with your membership details and you are all set! 

Question: Can I use these for all my clients?  If I have 100 restaurant clients, can I use them for all my clients?
Answer: Yes you can!  Imagine how much time and money this will save you!! Crazy right!! 

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